Diana Cafi MSN, MHA, RN, LNC

President & CEO

Diana Cafi is a master's prepared registered nurse with advanced training and certifications. She brings over 20 years of healthcare experience from a diverse perspective. Diana began her career as a healthcare personnel in 1993.  She has worked at inpatient and outpatient settings. As a clinician, her clinical background is in the following: Step-down/ telemetry, medical-surgical, gastrointestinal recovery room, rehabilitation and behavioral health services. Thus, Diana recognizes the importance of being part of every aspect of nursing. She supports causes that affect the wellbeing of individuals and communities. Needless to say, she's an adjunct professor for undergraduate nursing students at an academic institutions in Illinois.

Diana Cafi is the President and CEO of Nursing Excellence Continuing Education Services a limited liability company. She emphasize on professional performance and safety by providing in-services, professional development and educational training sessions. She has served healthcare organizations by meeting standards of The Joint Commission and demonstrated exceptional outcomes from The Joint Commission surveyor. She reviews and revises institutional policies and procedures following national rules, guidelines, and regulations of government and accreditation agencies. Her ability to strategize solutions, and implement the solutions proposed is an asset to Nursing Excellence Continuing Education Services, LLC. 

Diana has increased the number of educational programs and she finds that the best way to solicit feedback is by listening to the needs of the nursing community, and understanding nurses at all levels of practice. She is committed to the nursing profession and she is actively involved in professional nursing organizations. She communicates with leaders and nurses from all levels and completes daily task while having an overview of the forefront of professional nursing. 

Diana is a lifelong learner that emphasizes on the importance of professional performance and safety. Her commitment to the nursing profession is endless. She increased nurses' participation, supported nurses through mentorship, and advocated toward professional nurses practicing to the full capacity of their scope of practice. She serves individuals from all aspects, including yet not limited to direct care, the community, scholars in the academic setting, advocates for professional nurses, and she maintains a collaborative relationship with leaders. 

Last but not least, Diana is married to Beni and together they have two adolescent, children named Dylan and Arielle. Diana enjoys spending family and quality time with her husband and children. Even though Diana may find herself extremely busy, she assures that she fits family time into her agenda.